We provide our merchant partners with a new distribution channel into the social networking sites. PicomoPay enables both virtual gift cards and Group Contribution Cards for our merchant partners.
Facebook alone has over one billion users. We significantly lower the cost of customer acquisition for our merchant partners by marketing these cards virally and eliminate transportation costs and inventory carrying costs by making these cards virtual. Contact PicomoPay today to find out how we create a win-win business opportunity for our merchant partners: info@picomopay.com.

For Merchants
PicomoPay SM is a social networking payments platform. We enable e-Commerce and allow traditional merchants, charities, universities and other organizations to participate in the social media economy. PicomoPay accomplishes this by offering virtual gift cards on social networking sites available via PCs and selected mobile devices.

In order to use our service, you simply create an account with PicomoPay, and then start purchasing and sending your friends and family virtual gift cards on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Your friends and family can then start using these cards immediately to purchase stuff online or at the store. Sign Up Today.

About PicomoPayTM
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Send money to your friends on Facebook. Through our partnership with consumers may securely send money directly to their friends and family on Facebook.

About Send Money MoneyGram
A virtual gift card is similar to a traditional plastic gift card that is issued by your favorite merchant. The main differences are that they are virtual in nature and they are very convenient to buy and send to your friends. Recipients of virtual gift cards can shop online or print them off to use them in store.

About Virtual Gift Cards
Group Contribution Cards are a great way for family and friends to chip in and buy a friend a group virtual gift card.

Group Contribution Cards may be used to buy a co-worker a birthday present at the office, buy presents for baby showers or as an innovate way for fund raising or to collect money for charities.

About Group Contribution Cards